Amazing Animal Architects

There was an amazing story in the Washington Post about Red Grouper fish off the coast of Florida. It was discovered that these creatures function as architects of the sea. Red grouper, once thought of as merely a tasty treat, have been creating communities underneath the sandy ocean floor. They have been digging and constructing a system of tunnels and rooms that provide shelter for multiple fish and plant species. This and other humanlike behavior builds on evidence that creatures of all kinds, even fish, have sentient qualities.

The link to the full story is here:

There was another story about a pod of dolphins that protected a group of lifeguards from a shark attack. The group was about 100 miles offshore on a training swim when a pod of dolphins swam up and herded them together. Evidently there was a great white shark that was about to attack when the dolphins started circling, protecting the swimmers from danger. This is not the first time that dolphins have exhibited humanlike behaviors towards humans and each other.  

Here is the full story:

Sylvan Dell books celebrate many different and wonderful animal behaviors. What better way to teach a child to appreciate all these amazing creatures, big and small, fury and gilled, than to suppliment a story like “Ocean Hide and Seek” with a real live news story about these animals?

It is important to instill a recognition for life of all kinds at a young age. Stories like these make animals come alive for children. It helps them better understand animal behaviors while nourishing a love and appreciation of all beings that share this world.


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