Teachable Moments: Turtle Love


This was an article in Fox news the other day about loggerhead turtles being added to the endangered species list. One of the main reasons these turtles are suffering is due to fishing gear and careless humans causing damage to their nesting areas. Like all creatures, they deserve respect and preservation of their habitat. Furthermore, we as humans and but one species on this planet,  must learn to live and let live.

Sylvan Dell author/editor Donna German published “Carolina’s Story” about a loggerhead in a very similar situation. The photojournal of Carolina, a loggerhead turtle in critical condition, tells of story of how  she is rescued and nursed back to health at the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital. The picture book informs children about the detriment people can have to these beautiful creatures of the sea, but also how humans can help remedy and even prevent these negative effects on the turtles’ environment.

“Turtle Summer” is another informative Sylvan Dell photojournal that informs the reader of the nesting cylcle of the sea turtle on the southeast coastline.

It is important to educate children about the importance of caring for animals that are threatened or endangered. Take them to the aquarium, read to them one or both of these picture books, even take them to the beach! The more hands on the better, they will learn a valuable lesson and have fun doing it.


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