Save the Sea Turtles!

Last week, the federal government recommended that the loggerhead sea turtle be listed on the endangered species list. Why are these beautiful marine creatures disappearing so quickly? To answer this question, we must dig a little deeper into the life of your average loggerhead.

The loggerhead sea turtle is the world’s largest hard-shelled turtle with some adults weighing up to 350 lbs! These creatures feed mostly on shellfish that live on the bottom of the ocean so they prefer habitats along the coastal bays and estuaries or in shallow continental shelves.

Because loggerheads live so close to the shore, many have lost their nesting habitats due to coastal development. Artificial lighting and noise from houses, restaurants and hotels is a huge disturbance to the turtles nesting and the newly born hatchlings. Also, commercial and off-shore fishing is a huge threat to loggerheads because they often accidently get caught.

What You Can Do To Help

I f you live near the beach, you can do your part by making sure your lights are off at night. And of course, always keep the beach clean! If you don’t live by a beach, here’s some more things you can do to help:

– Send a turtle to rehab! Help the recuperation process for sick and injured turtles

– Get informed! Read Sylvan Dell’s Carolina Story, Turtle Summer and Where Should Turtle be?

– Spread the Word! Let your friends and family know that these turtles are endangered and need help

To learn more, check out this article about loggerhead endangerment:


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