Saturday, November 7 marks National Bookstore Day

November 7 is National Bookstore DayFrom Public Relations Assistant, Diana Rowe:
What is it about your local bookstore that makes it one of your favorite stops? Is it the endless array of literature that welcomes you every time? Or is it the relaxing ambiance that makes you want to grab a book, pull up a chair, and read the day away? Whatever it is that makes you love your local bookstore, Publishers Weekly has declared Saturday, November 7 as National Bookstore Day—a day devoted to the celebration of bookselling on a local and national scale. Join Sylvan Dell Publishing and thousands of bookstores across the country in making this event a success!

Throughout its history, literature has played a vital role in the development of our nation, and the presence of bookstores has been the backbone to this growth. Unfortunately, with the advent of technology, bookstores find themselves battling the internet and cyber-book forces for customers. Publishers Weekly recognized the importance of garnering support for bookstores and thus, National Bookstore Day was born! “We want to celebrate the vibrant culture of bookstores,” Publishers Weekly publisher Ron Shank noted, “increase store traffic, sell more books, and create an enjoyable customer experience that will lead to return visits. Every store is doing this already, but we think there may be an opportunity to get more customer attention if many across the country band together on the same day.”

This year is the first celebration of National Bookstore Day, and in order to make it a success, bookstores nationwide need your support! The concept of National Bookstore Day is simple. To do your part, all you have to do is visit your local bookstore this Saturday. There will be various promotions and events in honor of this day, so you definitely don’t want to miss out. In fact, local and national bookselling organizations have been “overwhelmingly positive” in their support of the event, said Shank. For a complete list of participating bookstores in your area or for more information about National Bookstore Day, visit Publishers Weekly’s website.

Sylvan Dell encourages you to get involved in this celebration by visiting your favorite bookstore on Saturday, November 7 and, better yet, making yourself a regular customer! So here’s the important question…what’s your favorite local bookstore in your area? And what new book are YOU going to buy this Saturday?


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