Say Good Morning to Zooborns

Around the world, people wake up, drink their coffee, check their email, and find a baby orangutan from Kansas City staring back at them. Or maybe a baby bobcat from Hershey, PA. Or MAYBE  a newborn crocodile from Florida! With Zooborns, you just never know!

Zooborns bills itself as a website featuring “the newest and cutest exotic animal babies from zoos and aquariums around the world.” However, the website isn’t just about cute animals. Along with images, there is useful information about each newborn. According to site founders Chris and Andrew, “We also hope you learned a little something about the need to protect these adorable animals in the wild and the ways in which accredited zoos and aquariums contribute to this cause.” 

From For instance, yesterday, we were introduced to a baby giraffe at the Virginia Zoo. Did you know that mother giraffes give birth standing up, so newborn calves drop 6 feet to the ground? However, baby giraffes are often 6 feet tall and upwards of 150 lbs., so they don’t seem to mind. This little guy was born October 23, and she promises to be quite the leggy girl—Billy, her father, is the tallest giraffe in North America, standing at 17 feet!

There are plenty of ways to become a Zooborns fan. Head over to the website,, and sign up for an email subscription. They’re on Facebook and Twitter, too, so become a Zooborn follower and support enthusiasm for our world’s zoos and all the good they do for baby animals! And while you’re at it, check out Sylvan Dell’s Fall 2009 title What’s New at the Zoo? See that giraffe above? Well here are some other giraffes you may want to meet in this title from author Suzanne Slade and illustrator Joan Waites…

From What's New at the Zoo?


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