Sylvan Dell Introduces a Company Blogroll

blogrollWe started a Sylvan Dell blog as a social media tactic. In other words, everyone else was doing it; why shouldn’t we? It turned into an ever-expanding project. Rapidly, we realized it wasn’t just about Sylvan Dell. Instead, it was about a blog community, and like any community, it had to be built. What did they say in Field of Dreams? “If you build it, they will come.” So we built a Sylvan Dell Blogroll, announced to the public today!

The Blogroll includes blogs we see as useful and informative to our customers. Most importantly, we’ve made it easy for our fans—whether they be teachers, media specialists, parents, or bookstore owners—to find these resources, all in one place: Amongst the categories are Children’s Library, Homeschoolers, Math/Science/English/ESL Specific Education, and more. We feature blogs from Booklist, Powell’s Books, Parent Teacher Association, Read Kiddo Read, School Library Journal…I could go on for awhile!

We are trying to do great things for the education community! So to you fellow bloggers out there, if you’d like to get personally involved, here’s how:
1) Would you be interested in doing a guest post for the Sylvan Dell blog?
2) Would you be interested in having a member of the Sylvan Dell staff write a guest post for your blog? (You can see our bios at
3) Who did we miss? Do you have any additional blog suggestions for me?
4) Would you like to become a Sylvan Dell reviewer? We would be happy to include you on our Book Announcement List so that you can see our new releases and choose which review copies you would like to receive for blog consideration.
5) Would you be willing to include us on your personal blog roll/following list?
6) We would love for you to get to know us on Twitter ( and Facebook.

If you’re IN for any of these options, leave us a comment here! We are so, so excited about this new webpage! It’s full of useful information, so we hope you enjoy it, too! And to everyone out there in the blogosphere, have a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Sylvan Dell Introduces a Company Blogroll

  1. ooooh! I’d love to review some your books, have one of you guest blog AND add you to my blogroll. 🙂

    I’d also love to do a guest post for Sylvan Dell. I’m a homeschooling mom and writer. (I even have a poem in the November issue of Highlights for Children). I’m also a member of the conference team for the upcoming Write2Ignite conference (I’m the website/blog administrator). So if you can use me, let me know!


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