Sylvan Dell Supports Libraries of Love in Uganda

A Sylvan Dell book in Africa!

A Sylvan Dell book in Africa!

Our company mission: “science and math through literature.” The mission of Libraries of Love? “Through reading, students will develop a love of literature, as well as strengthen their knowledge in each curriculum subject area.” Huh. Sounds similar…no wonder we love helping out with this amazing project! The purpose of Libraries of Love is to partner with Ugandans to create libraries in individual schools, and we’ve been taking part in this inspiring cause for the past three years.

Trudy Marshall is the Executive Director for Libraries of Love, and her initial trip to Africa occurred in 2001. On this first trip, she stayed in the homes of welcoming Ugandan families. “When people who have very little are generous and welcome you into their homes, it changes your outlook on life,” she said of this first voyage into unfamiliar territory. Trudy visited an African primary school while there and was surprised by the number of students asking if she could send books from America. It was an experience that deeply affected her heart and stayed with her, even after she headed home.

Trudy Marshall with kids in Africa

Trudy Marshall with kids in Africa

It wasn’t until 2005 that the idea for Libraries of Love came to full fruition, and with the help of her school community, Trudy created a library for the first primary school she had visited in Uganda. According to Trudy, “This first Library of Love was the beginning of our vision to create many Libraries of Love on the African continent.”  

Four years ago, Sylvan Dell publisher Lee German met Trudy at the Texas Library Association Conference, and he decided to get Sylvan Dell involved. Since then, our company has sent books every year for the children of Africa. Lee said it was impossible not to be drawn in; the mission was just too important.

For Libraries of Love, what began as a focus on a single library has blossomed. Over a dozen libraries have been created since Libraries of Love’s foundation in 2005, and countless children have had the chance to read to their hearts’ contents. So how are you going to get involved? First off, you can donate funds. You can also donate books, as well as your time spent preparing the books for the Ugandan children. Check out all the details on the Libraries of Love website. This is such a beneficial cause. Sylvan Dell believes in spreading literacy to children, no matter how far our books have to travel. Get involved with Libraries of Love! The children of Africa will thank you for it!



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