Can you BELIEVE this review of Baby Owl’s Rescue?!

From Patsy Side at

Pros: Rescuing an Injured Animal Fact Sheet, Story, Illustrations, Owl facts
Cons: Might be too text heavy for younger children (4 and under)
The Bottom Line: Baby Owl’s Rescue wins the heart of children, respect of teachers, and my approval for accuracy and the author’s presentation of facts and wildlife rescue strategies. 

“Jennifer Keats Curtis’s Baby Owl’s Rescue introduces us to a baby owl who has fallen into trouble and two smart siblings who might not know what to do, but who know what not to do.  Their mother was a wildlife rehabilitator, trained to care for injured animals, and they knew to leave the baby alone. They knew the parents might be close, but at the same time, they suspected something should be done.

Baby Owl Rescue_COVER “Last week I facilitated a teacher workshop with early childhood teachers, and the focus of the workshop was wildlife.  I was eager to see their response to this book, especially since it was written for four to eight year olds. They loved it. Even though there is more text than many used in the four year old curriculum, they explained this was perfect for their five to seven year olds. They would love reading this and sharing the rescue story. Many children worry about getting separated from their parents; the teachers believe the return of this attentive parent will soothe some unwarranted anxieties. They also appreciated that the children actually went for an adult before attempting their own rescue effort.  These teachers (as well as this reviewer) felt that the children modeled appropriate behavior.

What else appealed?
• The facts that were integrated into the story.
• Laura Jacques’s realistic illustrations. The teachers asked me if the illustrations of the people were actually photographs.  The realism and detail might inspire some art activities.
• Baby Owl.  It was easy to see how frightened the owlet was – young children would be emotionally drawn into this story.
• The For Creative Minds pages in the back of the book. This Sylvan Dell Publishing book contains Great Horned Owl Facts. (Did you know they weighed between 3 and 4 lbs and that they can live up to 12 or 13 years?)
 • They loved the life cycle sequencing activity, but felt the “What to Do if you Find an Injured Animal” instruction could serve as an entire stand-alone lesson.

“While I couldn’t introduce them to the online resources (lack of Internet connection), I explained that the publisher provided a 38-page collection of Teaching Activities, Alignment to Standards, online copies of the Creative Minds activities as well as appropriate web resources. The teachers enthusiastically wrote down for future reference.

“Our workshop’s focus was nature, and that became the vehicle for integrating science, music, movement, reading, and art into their everyday lessons.  The teachers, most with many years of experience, quickly recommended complementary activities and books.  They all agreed that Baby Owl’s Rescue should be combined with Martin Waddell’s classic book, Owl Babies – both have a charming story with missing parents and equally adorable and anxious owlets.   

Baby Owl’s Rescue will enchant young readers. I recommend this to parents or grandparents with owls nesting in nearby trees, and I encourage teachers to use this while teaching about local wildlife. This book’s accuracy has been verified by wildlife rehabilitators and representatives of the National Audubon Society.  Trust the content to be accurate, but trust the story and images to captivate the imagination and hearts of young readers.

“I appreciate Sylvan Dell’s willingness to share this book in exchange for my honest opinion of the book. This book gets solid approval from me and the 33 teachers in a recent workshop.”  

Click here to head to for more from Patsy! What a wonderful review!


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