SD’s Book Beat October/November Edition

Happy October! With the cooler temperatures and changing fall leaves comes the newest installment of the Sylvan Dell Publishing bi-monthly eNewsletter, Book Beat.

What’s in the Oct/Nov edition? How about a teaser?

  • From Publishers Weekly: It’s National Bookstore Day, Saturday, November 7. What can you do, as author, illustrator, bookstore owner, teacher, or book-loving citizen? Plus, hear from your favorite SD authors as they recount favorite bookstore event experiences.
  • Negotiating Social Media in the Publishing World, by SD Publicist Sara Dobie. We’re now on Twitter, Facebook, and we have this blog. What’s NEXT? (And will Sara soon be committed from keeping up with it all?)
  • Virtual Author Visit (for CHEAP!), by SD author Suzanne Slade. Suzanne has discovered Skype! So should YOU! It’s the cheapest way for authors and illustrators to reach their audiences! And it’s easy!
  • Someone is turning five this year! Sylvan Dell celebrates five years of “science and math through literature.” Take a look back at how far we’ve come…
  • It’s trade show season, and Sylvan Dell will be traversing the United States to present our books to teachers, media specialists, and retail representatives. Check out the schedule in Book Beat and see if you’ll get the chance to meet the staff!
  • National Book Month, Earth Science Week, National Read-Aloud Day…there is much to celebrate in the coming months. See Book Beat for a full listing of fun activities for your kids and your clients!
  • And DON’T FORGET: The free eBook trial of all 45 Sylvan Dell titles expires October 31!

I’d love to tell you more, but you have to head over to the SD website to read Book Beat in its entirety! Check it out:


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