Welcome to the Sylvan Dell Staff Meeting!

At Sylvan Dell, we like getting together as a staff to share what we’ve been working on and where we see new projects going. So Friday afternoon, we had a Sylvan Dell Staff Meeting! We want to keep you in the loop, so read on for exciting happenings around the office.

Who’s doing WHAT?

Lee German, Publisher

  • Sylvan Dell attends many, many trade shows throughout the year. The trade shows have always been a priority. Now, the trade shows are also educational opportunities. Lee is working to not only appear at trade shows but PRESENT at trade shows, introducing teachers/media specialists to our cross-curricular mission of “Science and Math through Literature.” He’s preparing to pitch his presentation nationwide!
  • We’re almost there with the eBook “Record” function, which would allow parents/grandparents/anyone to record their voices into Sylvan Dell eBooks. This is ideal for families with parents overseas!
  • INTERNS! We want more interns! We need more interns! Somebody find us interns!

Donna German, Editor

  • It’s all about 2010—the editing, the final art, and the educational resources.
  • Newton and Me (Spring, 2010): In the vetting process to make sure all content is accurate and easy for children to understand.
  • Panda’s Earthquake Adventure (Spring, 2010): Who knew there were so many devastating earthquakes in our world’s history?
  • State Science and Math Alignments: The fall books are almost finished!

Craig Knowlton/Erica Beyerl, The Educational and Library Sales Side

  • The Sylvan Dell Resource Grant Site License Adventure, Year 2. Craig and Erica are in the process of familiarizing all the new recipients of the grant with our eBook technology. Schools are loving them!
  • They’re sending 32,000 emails a day to spread the Sylvan Dell literacy and cross-curricular mission.
  • Soon, it will be trade show madness. The full schedule of our upcoming appearances is HERE: http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/Events-SD.htm.

Rob Carli, The Retail Sales Side

  • Baby Owl’s Rescue review copies! They’ve gone out to distributors. Now, it’s time to SELL!
  • And what about banner/internet advertising? Do we think online advertising is more effective than print? What do YOU think?

Sara Dobie, Public Relations

  • Our social media campaign continues. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and we have the blog, up and running. Spread the word wherever you can!
  • Next generation eBook PR blitz: Since August 12, we have appeared in two local publications and countless national websites and newsletters. We have gotten in touch with the National English Teachers Committee, the Association of School Librarians, and State Association of Elementary School Principals. And the blitz rolls on…
  • Award submissions: Caught up through October. Wish us luck!
  • Author events: We have over 60 events in the next two months. Great work, Sylvan Dell authors and illustrators!
  • Baby Owl’s Rescue review copies! Out to all our people, including magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, and internet. We look forward to reading all the reviews!
  • Skype/Virtual Author Visits: The way of the future! Sara is pushing her own clients to use this service. It’s free and easy!
  • AmEx’s Shine a Light Program: Have you endorsed Sylvan Dell yet?

Kelly McGinty, Office Manager

  • She sums it up: “Everything’s goin’ great!”

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