Spring 2010 Cover Images and Annotations are HERE!

We have work-in-progress cover images and annotations for our Spring 2010 releases. (Fall 2010 COMING SOON.) Today, we’re introducing them to you for the first time. More to come! But we’re so excited about Spring 2010, we just had to share!

Newton and Me
By Lynne Mayer, illustrated by Sherry Rogers
While at play with his dog, Newton, a young boy discovers the laws of force and motion in his everyday activities. Told in rhyme, debut author Lynne Mayer’s Newton and Me follows these best friends on an outdoor adventure as they apply physics to throwing a ball, pulling a wagon, riding a bike, and much more. With the help of Sherry Rogers’ playful illustrations, children will learn that physics is a part of their world. They will realize that Newton’s Laws of Motion describe experiences they have every day, and they will recognize how the forces of gravity and friction affect the objects around them.

Felina’s New Home: A Florida Panther Story
By Loran Wlodarski, illustrated by Lew Clayton
Felina the Florida Panther loved growing up in her forest home, until the forest starts to shrink! Trees begin to disappear, and Felina doesn’t understand the new busy highway in the neighborhood. Other animals are in danger, too. Will Felina find a way to survive as humans threaten to ruin her home? SeaWorld science writer Loran Wlodarski gives children a look into deforestation and endangered animals in Felina’s New Home: A Florida Panther Story, complimented by the detailed, emotive illustrations of Lew Clayton. Learn whether the animals in Felina’s forest adapt to the new human presence and what children can do to keep wild animals safe, happy, and healthy.

Little Red Bat
By Carole Gerber, illustrated by Christina Wald
Red bats are the only bat species that can hibernate or migrate. Should this solitary little bat stay or should she go? That’s the question the little red bat ponders as the leaves fall and the nights get colder! Some animals, such as the squirrel, tell her to stay. But what about the dangerous creatures that hunt red bats in winter? The sparrow and others urge her to go. But where? Carole Gerber takes young readers on an educational journey through one bat’s seasonal dilemma in Little Red Bat. Imaginative illustrations by Christina Wald give little red bat charm and personality, and children will be waiting and wondering what will happen next. Will the little red bat stay put or migrate south for safety and warmth?

What’s the Difference? An Endangered Animal Subtraction Story
By Suzanne Slade, illustrated by Joan Waites
In Suzanne Slade’s latest book, What’s the Difference?, you can celebrate the huge difference caring people make for endangered animals while you practice subtraction skills. In this sequel to her popular addition title, What’s New at the Zoo?, Slade presents a new subtraction problem in each clever rhyming verse. The colorful watercolors include realistic animals set in lush spreads by illustrator, Joan Waites. So join in the celebration of our world’s precious animals in this exciting new title, and have fun practicing math skills along the way!

Pandas’ Earthquake Escape
By Phyllis Perry, illustrated by Susan Detwiler
Pandas’ Earthquake Escape follows the adventures of a mother panda, LiLing, and her one year old cub, Tengfei, following the devastating earthquake that hit the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve in China in 2008. After the quake, LiLing and Tengfei run from the wreckage. Confused and afraid, they get lost! How will they survive outside their reserve? Will they find food? Will they find shelter? And will they safely endure the earthquake after-shocks? With the help of Susan Detwiler’s vivid illustrations, author Phyllis Perry uses a factual event to teach children about earthquakes and animal survival. There is something to be learned from every natural disaster, and LiLing and Tengfei give children an opportunity to see it through their eyes.

For the full 2010 list, visit our Sneak Preview page: http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/SneakPreview.htm.


2 thoughts on “Spring 2010 Cover Images and Annotations are HERE!

  1. I am all over all of those, but especially the ones by Slade and by Perry. I just posted a review for Slade’s previous book (What’s New At The Zoo?), so I’m anxious for this “sequel”.

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