We LOVE Social Media. Really. WE DO!

On the bidding of Sylvan Dell Publishing co-founder and publisher Lee German, the company has taken over the world of social media. In other words, on top of our blog, Sylvan Dell Publishing now has a Twitter account AND a Facebook page. We want YOU aware of all this good stuff, so here come the details…
Sylvan Dell’s Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/SylvanDell
Facebook: There’s an old, ancient inactive Sylvan Dell page. Ignore that one. There’s a live and exciting page you can become a FAN of HERE.
So check out the Sylvan Dell social media campaign. If you’re a blog fan, keep up with the company in a reader. If you’re on Twitter, be a Sylvan Dell follower. If you’re a Facebook friend, become a Sylvan Dell fan. We need your support, so tell everyone you know! Post this info on your website, if you’d like. Do anything you can to build the Sylvan Dell fan base. Keep on truckin’ on this fine Tuesday, and enjoy all these new fangled sites!


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